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At TopTrans, since 2006 we’ve supplied fresh solutions to support market researchers. Our veteran team has fine-tuned the process to streamline translation services on thousands of global projects. TopTrans delivers culturally adaptive translations and competent coding that bridges communication gaps.  How

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Global Market Research Language Solutions Top Trans helps clients navigate the global market research ‘translation tightrope’ from survey design through fielding and data analysis. Quantitative research – Qualitative research – Brand research – Consumer/B2B Voice of Customer – Voice of Employee Industry expertise in pharma/ healthcare; mobile

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Having trouble managing survey translation changes and timelines? Let us help you expedite your global project translations.

Benefit from expedited turnaround and online verification of programmed translations before fielding.

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Pharma/Healthcare Specialty

TopTrans helps avoid costly blunders with their global network of medical in country professional translators that are experts in complex medical terminology....

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Consumer Global Project Support

Even our end client said, “Kudos to LRW on the translation. It's not easy for our reviewer to say translation quality is good.” So thanks again for making us look good!

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