International Market Research Translation

Top Tran
s helps clients navigate the global market research ‘translation tightrope’ from survey design to fielding
1.  Attention to you.  Attention to detail

What can you expect from TopTrans?

    • Rapid quoting for project bids
    • Professional in-country/native speaker translators who have mastered the language they translate from perfectly, with expertise in market research survey translation,  as well as specialized in specific domains  (medical and pharmaceutical, industrial, consumer, science)
    • Fast turnaround of questionnaire translations in 70+ languages
    • Innovative tools to expedite translation review
    • Overlay or direct input into survey software – Confirmit, SPSS Dimensions, mrTranslate, or any digital format that you use.
    • Fast response to changes in surveys to minimize delays to fielding
    • Online linguistic review of translations before fielding

“Thank you SO much for the quick work. I really appreciate it – this is why I keep coming back to TopTrans! “

“Attentive staff- Great people!”

“They are very communicative.  They always wants to understand the issues we encounter and re-do work if needed!”

2. Responsive to budget concerns

TopTrans has long-term relationships with clients which affords flexibility for project pricing. as needed, to partner in helping them retain competitive edge.

“TopTrans works hard to meet our budget needs”

We are attentive to the competitiveness in the market research industry in support to our clients, to help protect project profit margins.

3. TopTrans:  ‘ We Work Your Weekends’

As turnaround time on projects from release to fielding gets tighter and tighter,  TopTrans adjusts workflow in response by working weekends  – and our translators work weekends.

“TopTrans meets our deadlines or works to get things to us early.  Their software programs expedite the bottlenecks in projects”

In Israel, where Sunday is a regular work day, TopTrans bridges the time zone gap between US and European time zones, with translation experts on call to meet demanding schedules.

4.  TopTrans:  We work with your process

TopTrans works with each client’s internal process, with flexibility to expedite translations in sync with the project team’s work.   And TopTrans helps clients get their  multi-language global projects in field – on time and on budget.

“TopTrans manages accurate word counts so we have pricing estimates we can count on.  And they accurately estimate turnaround time so we finish projects on time.”

5. Survey Design – English Version Troubleshooting

Navigating programming from English surveys can be a shaky tightrope for global surveys.

‘What medications have you taken?’ is a single programming entry in English, where ‘you’ is used for male,  female, singular & plural.

But in European, Asian, and most languages, ‘you’ requires at least four gender options, with programming variations.  So  simple questions can become a programming nightmare if not prepared up front for a variety of gender versions.

TopTrans service begins projects with feedback on the English version of surveys before programming, to alert programmers to variations that will be needed, so that the first round of programming is translation-ready for issues that will come up when other language versions are added.

“With support from TopTrans, our programmers spend less time and no longer dread multi-lingual surveys.”

6. Direct input and overlays into programming platforms

To conserve client programming costs, TopTrans works with clients to finish the job, going beyond translation to expedite the process by doing the overlays  or translating directly into the client’s study platform.

We love the MDD overlay process and being able to start translations before the program is totally finalized.  And now once translations are approved, we are able to launch a study within a day or so rather than several days.”

With 5 years experience dealing daily with Confirmit, SPSS Dimensions, and other market research programs and all digital formats – TopTrans cuts out the copy/paste phase of the traditional translation process which is full of errors and inconsistency issues.

7. Easy translation review process

TopTrans online translation review system expedites the review process for everyone.  Client reviewers, TopTrans translators, and project staff have easy access, eliminating review bottlenecks which can typically delay fielding.

“TopTrans translation checking support is efficient and thorough”

And ongoing changes are handled efficiently by using advanced version control technology, co-developed with technology partners, including detection of program coding errors.

Ask us how our use of ‘Smart Translate’ can take away the nightmare of endless changes to surveys.

8.  During Programming:  Shortened turnaround times

TopTrans expedites timing by beginning translations before programming is completed.   Once programmers have initiated programming of the study, TopTrans can already begin translating several days in advance of traditional start points.

“Great tools to let us start the translation process early”

We look forward to hearing from you!

DanielFor help maximizing the value of your translations, contact me for a free consultation on your project:

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