Social media is the fastest growing revolution of our time.  The speed at which social media platforms are being developed, tested and adopted is astounding.

How many of you out there use social media platforms to push your surveys?  Are you posting on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn?

The whole point of social media is to engage your audience and open a two way street of communication, and each platform has its unique style and objective.   LinkedIn, for example, targets professionals; Twitter is limited to posts of 140 characters; and Facebook – well, Facebook is just the biggest.

While some people still believe that social media is a fad for the youth, recent statistics show the exact opposite.  Did you know that over 25% of Facebook users are between the ages of 35-65, with women over 55 being the largest growing demographic?

Today, Facebook is approaching 700 million users. Twitter has 75 million user accounts (although only 20% of users are active), and LinkedIn has over 100 million users around the world, with more than two million company pages.

With these amazing statistics, it’s clear where the people are, and why more and more market research is being conducted using social media platforms.

However, while most of the English-speaking world accesses the three platforms I mentioned above, it’s not the same everywhere.  In fact, up to 80% of Japanese social media users access, in Hong Kong it’s Xanga while the fine folks in India and Brazil log in to Orkut.

So, if you’re posting your survey on the social media platforms and want the best results, use a professional translation company to get the words right, then make sure you’re posting on the best platform to reach your audience.

Translation?  Check.  Localized platform?  Check.

Localizing Social Media